How to Make Pick Up Lines Work

Geplaatst op 2024-04-09

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Pick up lines work. They certainly do. They a great weapon to have in hand. But not really in the sense you might believe or be thinking about. You should think of pick up lines as a good addition to your approaches, but not as the core and most important part of them. When approaching women there are certainly much more important things to take into account.

No matter how amazing and well thought these pick up lines could be, they are not what make the difference. What really matters here is the attitude in which you communicate. With this I mean the way you speak, your body language and what you inspire to these girls. The pick up line is no more than just the way to break the ice.

Let the truth be told – A guy with attitude, presence and belief but with the worst lines in the world might have much more success approaching than a shy, humble and stupid looking guy, even if this last one knows and studied the best lines. In a case like this, a simple “Hey” of the first guy can strike her more than the most precious line the second one has. After all, girls can predict everything after just a few words are spoken.

If you want to practice approaching women and get better at it, you should focus on raising your value, learning to have a commanding and great speech, your body language and so on. Once you get this done, that’s the moment to start learning those pick up lines too. By themselves they won’t do much, but they certainly will help and make things easier if you already have the first part of the deal complete.

With this said, I’ll give you a few tips with approaching itself. When it comes to pick up lines, there are two things that are important and they should focus on.

Make you differentiate – Most guys around are boring and predictable. The real sex worthy guy is the one who is charming, interesting and, above all, unpredictable. Luckily for us, there’s not many of these guys around. Become one by offering girls a completely different time from the one all the other men do. Your special one might be approached by tens of guys that same night, all of them almost asking her for an interview… So, do something different! Don’t ask her about what’s she studying, about her job – Don’t do what all the rest of the guys already did. Ask her what makes her special, what she does that the others don’t and so on.

Get the conversation going – Because of this, the best way to open is by asking her opinion or advice on something. Women love giving their advice, especially when it comes to something related with love, relationships and friendships. Combine that with some funny jokes early in the conversation and you are off to a good start. The idea is for you to be natural, not to make the situation look creepy or awkward. If you get good with this it doesn’t matter whether you are in a club, in a bar or even in the street.

As for approaching itself, there are also some advices you should take into account:

1- When you are going to approach one girl, remember that her friends also exist. Use them in your advantage, make them part of the conversation and give them enough attention. If they like you, they’ll work in your favor. If they don’t like you, start forgetting about that girl.
2- Tell them your time with them is limited. Say, when you approach a group of girls tell them that you can only stay for five minutes or so. That will help breaking the tension a little bit.
3- Don’t spend too much time thinking – Just approach! As fast as possible. If you take too much time you’ll look creepy, your brain will think excuses for you not approaching and so on. So be fast!
4- Be charming, always! Really, it’s the thing that makes the difference. (My article on how to be charismatic will come soon, I promise!)
5- You’ll be rejected many, many times. Don’t let that get you down and move on to the next one and so on.
6- Last but not least, SMILE. If you want to be successful, approach with a smile on your face. Even if James Bond approaches with a serious looking face, you will do it with a smile! It just works.

As a conclusion to all this, remember that the most simple approaches might surely work if you do it with charm, a smile and a bit of fun. It’s all in the attitude – And combine this attitude with the best lines around it’s a big win.

And always, in any conversation you end up with, speak like a man. Read this article. Be interesting. There’s no point in all of the above if you look like an idiot two minutes into the conversation.